Saturday, November 10, 2012

One of those posts where I promise I'll post more soon.

Hello all, 

I have weeks and weeks (okay, months and months) of blogging to get caught up on. But meanwhile I wanted to say a quick hi and tell you that we are well and happy and thriving here in Georgia (which is probably why I'm so behind here in the blogging world... life keeps us busy, man. Just plain old awesomely busy.). 
Since I last wrote, we've successfully survived our first summer in Hotlanta, enjoyed a magnificent Fall, made lots of friends, had Halloween, had visits with family, done some potty training, gotten to know our way around Georgia a bit, and so on. I have a bajillion stories to share and two bajillion pictures. So, here's the part where I pinky-swear I'll get it all on here one of these days. I want to just as much as you want me to, trust me. For now, hopefully this will suffice.

Love to all, 

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